Lean Manufacturing 2

Lean Manufacturing

This might approach you as a big suprise, but the principles of lean manufacturing actually dates a whole lot back, specially the era of Benyamin Franklin. This does not assume that
lean manufacturing principles are ancient, but the time of Benyamin Franklin cannot be called recent can it ?

It is stated that in lean manufacturing, you must not waste time. Why ? Well, have yiy ever heard of the saying ? Time is gold?"
You probably never imagined that this saying could apply to real life ; well it does, especially in lean manufacturing. If you lose five shillings, you also lose the advantages and opportunities that come along with it.

So, hopefully, you learn a lesson which is. If you waste time, thus wasting money, then you can say bye bye to other good things, or blessings that come along with it.

It is also a must in lean manufacturing that you avoid involving yourself with unnecessary costs because doing so is believed, in terms of lean manufacturing as a more profitable way, rather than incrresing your sales. Increasing your sales do not conclude that the customers will buy what it is that you are selling.

But not purchasing or spending money on things that are not really necessary will definitely save you a big comfortable bag of money. Just take this saying for example, "A penny saved is two pence clear. A pin a day is groat a year, save and have."

Having unnecessary inventory can give you quite a number of disadvantages. It not only adds up to the space of your sales, and it also adds your responsibilities, but it also gets you busy over things that you do not really need to be responsible of.

You might refer to those unnecessary items as good.

Howefer, you have to give these so-called goods some care if you do not want them to give you same evils. They will probably be sold with a cheap price which is very unfair because they cost a lot more than they price with which they are sold.

If your sales are cheap, then they are only apparent and not real, as you expected and have been hoping for. If you do engage yourself and your sales in certain bargains, you have to be careful and you also have to be choosy of the said bargains.


Some bargains, which at first deem to be straightening your business, may actually cause you more harm than good. Harm in the case that when it straghtens your circumstances, it reduces a big amount of the cast that available.

The concept of having trash built into certain jobs and then taken for granted afterwards was taken to notice by some motion efficiency experts. One motion efficiency expert is Frank Gilbreth.

Frank Gilbreth used the mason to serve as an example about the practise of lean manufacturing. He saw how the mason help each other. A certain mason will bend over to pick up bricks from the floor and then another mason, the brick layer, lowers and then raises the whole of his upper body to obtain a five pound berick. They are not wasting time because time is money.

However, this came as quite an efficiensy as it as built into the job after long practice. So when the masons were introduced to a non-stooping scaffold, level, permited the masons to go on with their work, only for an approximation of three times as quickly, and also with lesser effort.

In lean manufacturing, you can make us of standardization and also of best practice development. When you involve improvement in your proposal, the policy of the management is the only one that can make a thorough and careful analysis of the method.

If necessary, it will conduct a series of procedures to find out, accurately, if there is a relative merit of the newly suggested statement and also of the old standard.